About Us

ABS BIOTECH is headquartered in Delhi, and has established a countrywide sales and marketing network in India through   
a  vibrant  sales force, professionally trained and highly motivated marketing professionals, with efficient  logistic network      
to make its product available at all places at all times.

Our company was started by our Founders  Mr. Amit Kumar & Mr. Abhishek Kumar, under the able guidance of our Mentor
Dr. Praveen Kumar, with a very small investment and few people. We have today grown because of our  sincere commit-
ment, dedication and hard work which ensured that we were able to  fully satisfy you with our  high quality products  and  
services. We have a qualified team to handle each and every department to make our products and services stand out in  
the market place.

In spite of competition, we  have a  large customer base  using our  products  and  services. The reason being, we don't
compromise on our quality, pricing and  timely delivery. The quality we provide you  and  our pricing is unbeatable. Also        
we ensure that we always deliver our products on time.

As an organization  we continue to  work  hard  so that we can grow to be a much bigger company so that we can serve      
more and more  customers and also to become a very  respectable company  in the society. Open culture,  participative
management practices, innovation, continuous improvement, speedy  response, empowerment of individuals and enjoy-    
ment of one's job and contribution to the community are hallmarks of

Our company was founded with the  objective of creating a  truly world class company that is  fully committed to offering      
the best products and services to this market. The vision from the very beginning was to make a difference by genuinely
helping you by providing you a much better value for money and follow it up with an excellent after sales support. For us
money and profit has always been only byproduct and never the main objective.

We have crossed many milestones in our journey. It is the very many customers whom we were able to fully satisfy that
form our key milestone. Some of our important customers include the industry leaders who chose us after a very careful
evaluation and we have been able to exceed their expectations resulting in their delight.

Our  first customer is  still our  customer and it has been the same with all our customers! We  always look for a win-win
relationship with all of you.

We at
ABS, have been  honestly and sincerely working for "Your Total Delight", may it be by virtue of our products or
related  after sales services  rendered to you. For us, every user of ours has been a  milestone achieved in our quest to     
excel in terms of support. We believe in nurturing value based growth through excellence and creativity.

Our mission is to provide  highest quality  at the right price.  Our vision is to offer the best products and services to you.    
To always exceed your expectations resulting in your delight.

Our commitment  to offer nothing but the very best  is reflected in our  vision and mission statements. We exist because       
of you and we are very grateful to you who have made us what we are today. We now strive to take our organization to    
the next level so that we can serve you even better and continue to keep you fully satisfied.
                               We Value Relation...  
Our Objectives

  • To provide you the best quality products across various technological platforms.
  • To build an organization that encourages a value structuring involving high aspirations, youth and new ideas, merit
    innovation, speed, openness, entrepreneurship, best practices, and putting  your  interest  as foremost.
  • To continuously strive for the alignment of our products, processes and services to ever changing customer needs,
    technologies and market situation, so as to  deliver  best value to you, our partners  and employees.
  • To take an idea from grey cell and market them in a proactive manner.